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Gina wina wants a little visit my mister mister?
This is the subtitle from Sex and the City, an American TV series. A man said it when he was having sex with a woman.

Does "mister mister" mean dick in children slang?

Later, that woman talked it to her other female friends and they thought it is disgusting to use children language.

  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    Why were there English subtitles, or am I being really stupid?

    'Gina - wina' sounds like some rhyming slang or made up on the spot term for vagina, but neither that or 'mister-mister' meaning penis are known to me as baby talk or children's terms. It sounds to me like the sort of pseudo baby talk some adults indulge in during sex. You should write '... mean penis ...' since 'dick' is slang itself and not the usual term in written English. It is very informal even in spoken English.

    I'd say without a shadow of doubt that it's this pseudo- baby talk that so disgusts the women. I mean what sort of man says that sort of thing! :D

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