Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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  1. ensonfang New Member

    Dear all,

    what does "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" mean in english?


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  2. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    As far as I see, it is "best regards".

    Literally it is "with friendly greetings/wishes".

    Do you have any context? I do not see context in your link.

    It may be with context there is a better phrase.
  3. Arukami Senior Member

    But that's not really a question to ask. You can easily look up this in a dictionary and you should do that first, according to the forum rules.üßen

    The exception is, of course, if you have any further questions.
  4. Resa Reader

    Resa Reader Senior Member

    You would use "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" as a complimentary close at the end of any kind of formal letter / business letter.
    So it corresponds to "Yours faithfully" / "Yours sincerely" in British English or to "Sincerely" / "Sincerely yours" / "Yours truly"/ ... in American English.

    "Regards" / "Best regards" is less formal than "Mit freundlichen Grüßen".

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