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    Shorter Oxford Dictionary:

    moider /ˈmɔɪdə/ verb. dial. Also mither /ˈmʌɪðə/, moither /ˈmɔɪðə/. L16.
    [ORIGIN Perh. from Irish modartha dark, murky, morose, of uncertain origin.]

    1 verb trans. Confuse, perplex, bewilder; worry, bother, fatigue; pester. Usu. in pass. L16.

    J. O'Faolain ‘I'm a bit moidered,’ she apologized. N. Bagnall He was so moithered by the new language…that he felt he had to use it.

    2 verb intrans. Work very hard, toil. rare. E19.

    3 verb intrans. Be delirious; babble; wander about aimlessly, ramble. M19.

    D. Winsor That phrase…kept moithering round my brain.