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Hello everyone

For example, I'm a tour leader and I want to explain why in Iran Greek deities were worshiped (to some foreign tourists).
After Alexander invaded Persia , many people of Greek origin immigrated to Persia and they decided to live here. They also mixed/mingled with local people.
I mean the Greeks married the Persians and vice versa.

Does the highlighted part sound correct and fine in this context?
Can I use either "mix" or "mingle"?

Please tell me your opinion.
  • keramus

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    "Mixed" and especially "mingled" could suggest that they went to the same fashionable cocktail parties. Maybe they settled?
    Thank you. As far as I know, I've seen "of mixed race" on many websites. For this reason , I decided to ask this question.


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    As the above replies say, "mixed" and "mingled" sound as if the Greeks merely socialised with the local people. I suggest "intermarried" or "intermingled".

    You need "the" before "local people".


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    It’s nice to see the people of different racial groups “mix” or “mingle” harmoniously in this diverse city.

    Are they the same? If so, which is better in this situation? Thank you.


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    I think the words you're looking for are "live together" or "co-exist". "Mix" and "mingle" don't have the meaning you seem to want.


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    I wouldn't use "mingled". It sounds too casual. You mingle at parties.

    You need either mixed or intermarried.

    If you use mixed, make sure it's clear that they mixed over time. Not just one day. That gives the idea of intermarriage.


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    While cultural homogenization is a by product of the mixing of divergent populations, it might be said that the populations themselves "homogenized".

    Having said that, I could find nothing online to support that line of thought".

    Cultural homogenization - Wikipedia

    Cultural homogenization is an aspect of cultural globalization,[1] listed as one of its main characteristics,[2] and refers to the reduction in cultural diversity[3] through the popularization and diffusion of a wide array of cultural symbols—not only physical objects but customs, ideas and values.[2]

    I would therefore suggest "acculturate".


    1. assimilate or cause to assimilate a different culture, typically the dominant one.
      "those who have acculturated to the US
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