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    Hell, I am a second semester French student in my Univeristy, and my prof. just taught our class that in france there really is no word for "nuts" as in, a category (not in the same way we have it in english anyway). There is la noix, but that is a walnut, not a "nut" in general. So I asked her what, in France, "Mixed Nuts" are called. She is fluent in French, has taught it here, and in France, and she has lived there but she said she isn't sure.

    So how about it? Does anyone posting here know what a can of mixed nuts is called in France? Are all of the nuts just listed? Or is there a different term for them? (a brand maybe?) I know that in Canada there is a French-Canadian term for "nuts" but I would like to know the French term.

    Just in case mixed nuts aren't sold in France, or (understandably) this is a confusing phrase for native French speakers, mixed nuts is a can, or jar of nuts sold, all mixed together (peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, etc). Planter's is a fairly big brand here in the US.

    Thanks a lot for any help you can give me. In the mean time I'm going to be searching the internet to see if I can find any information on my own, but so far I have come up with nothing.
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    Welcome, abductee :)

    I suggest mélange de graines salées, like here. There may be other options...
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    I am from Québec, Canada. We simply say "des noix mélangées". Maybe a chef could better answer your question but we, the average people, call them "des noix mélangées".
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    ah, great!

    thank you so much! It's hard for me to search the French websites because I still have troubles reading, and it takes forever to try and translate.
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    Bonjour abductee,
    Bienvenue sur le forum !

    Je pense aux mélanges apéritif que nous achetons aussi beaucoup en France. Comme nous y ajoutons souvent des fruits secs (pomme, raisin, papaye, etc.), nous donnons à cette spécialité un nom très général. :)
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    J'etais egalement en train de chercher. Il n'y a strictement rien qui puisse remplacer NUTS en francais. Personnellement je suis obligee de mettre tous les noms lorsque je parle des nuts en francais. amande, noix, noix de cajou, cacahouete, noisette, etc... et cela m'ennuie bien ! Mais je pense a l'instant que peut etre il y a un mot latin qui englobe tout. Je reviendrai vous le dire

    Les nuts en anglais sont des fruits oleagineux an francais.
    Belle journee a tous
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