Mixture of a yolk and thick substance

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When we break an egg, we have a mixture of a yolk and some uncolored thick substance --> IMG. What do you call these in English:

1- An uncolored thick substance.
2- the whole mixture of a yolk and that thick substance.

Many thanks!
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    1. The albumen portion of the egg is called the "white" – the white of the egg, e.g. mix in three egg whites.
    2. The yolk and the white make up the "egg."


    The "uncoloured thick substance" you refer to is called the "white". The white of the egg. A more technical term is "albumen".
    the whole mixture of a yolk and that thick substance.
    I don't think there is a specific word for both together.



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    As others have said, we think of the egg as being made up of the shell, the white (albumen) and the yolk.

    You aren't thinking of the colourless or whitish strand in the albumen, are you? This is called the chalaza (plural: chalazae), but not many people use the term. This is the chord that connects up the yolk to the shell. If you break open an egg, it looks like this:


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    I agree it is the white of an egg. It is often called an "egg white". A cooking recipe might say "Use 4 egg whites for the chiffon. Save the 4 yolks: we will use them later."

    If you break the yolk and mix it thoroughly with the white, it is called "scrambling the egg". "Scrambled eggs" (cooked on a grill) is a common breakfast dish. "Fried eggs" are eggs cooked on a grill without scrambling: the yolk is not broken.


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    1 An egg-white.
    2 If you've mixed the white and the yolk together, it's a "beaten egg" or a "lightly-beaten egg". (Or if it's as in the photo above, "a whole uncooked/raw egg".)


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    I agree with V. I should have said "beaten" for mixing the eggs parts. The term "scramble" is probably only used for cooking the mixed-up egg in a pan or on a grill.
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