MMR 1 and MMR 2 [Measles, mumps, and rubella]

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    I know how to translate what MMR 1 and MMR 2 cover, but I was wondering if there is an equivalent in Spanish of the MMR 1 and MMR 2 shots.

    They're shots.
    MMR is mumps, measles and rubella, which is paperas, sarampión y rubeola. That's not my question. I want to know whether there is a term in Spanish to refer to the one shot (MMR1, and also MMR2), rather than individual shots for each disease.
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  3. mrensoli New Member

    se dice PRS, la vacuna
  4. La vacuna se denomina trivalente viral.

    MMR1 y MMR2 se refiere a las dosis, entonces sería así.

    MMR1: Trivalente viral (1º dosis)
    MMR2: Trivalente viral (2º dosis)
  5. reflejo Senior Member

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    También se denomina triple vírica, primera y segunda dosis

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    Hola. Harreaza y Reflejo están en lo cierto. "MMR" es en realidad un nombre registrado. En un texto puramente científico conviene usar las citadas expresiones "triple viral" o "trivalente viral".

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    Gee, I never heard "MMR" was a trademark. If it is, everybody says it anyway -- like "Frisbee" or "Kleenex" ;)
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    There is an equivalent to MMR and that is: SRP that stands for Sarampión; rubeola y pariotiditis (paperas)

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