Może być


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If you ask someone a question such as, Podoba Ci się ta koszula?, and he answers, Może być, is he trying to say no politely?
  • Piotr_WRF

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    Either this or he doesn't really know what to say. "Może być" means something like "Will do" in this context so you can judge by yourself. :)


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    I would say it, when the t-shirt doesn't bother/disturb me.
    Depending on the intonation it can be polite "no", or that
    it's ok for me to wear that, though I don't find it particular,
    or just don't have strength to say anything else ;)


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    I would say that depending on the intonation, "może być" goes from polite "no" to "pretty nice". I would also say something like
    -You think this shirt will do? (Myslisz, ze może być ta koszula?)
    -Definitely! (zdecydowanie może być)