Moaning Myrtle sped them on their way

nguyen dung

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In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" of J.K Rowlling there is sentence:

Moaning Myrtle sped them on their way with a hearty guffaw. “Wait till everyone finds out you’ve got a tail!”

What is the meaning of "sped" in this context?
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    It is the past tense for the verb "to speed". To speed someone on their way is a fairly common expression with a range of meanings. Literally, it would refer to something that enabled them to move quickly (the car sped them on their way), but often it is used to refer to farewell greetings or encouragement at the beginning of a journey. Myrtle's farewell is a taunt rather than anything pleasant, and perhaps "sped" is used more literally than usual, since they will want to get away from her as quickly as possible.
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