mobile search engines go to adult sites?

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    Here is a sentence which perplexes me:

    A survey taken from Columbia University says that twenty percent of all mobile search engines go to adult sites.

    Does it mean these mobile search engines only go to adult sites; in other words, they don't go to other kinds of sites?

    Thank you.
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    No. It means that they go to adult sites as well as other sites.
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    Where did you read this sentence? It seems odd:

    1. A survey would not be taken from Columbia University, unless it was in the library and someone stole it. It would be taken by Columbia University. (Most likely it would be taken by a group of people within the university, not by the university itself, but that is not a language issue.)

    2. It is not the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) that go to adult sites, though they all can if a user puts in the right search string and the settings permit it. It is the searches themselves.

    We must fix the second problem to understand this sentence. Out of 100 searches that people do on mobile devices, 20 go to adult sites. The other 80 go somewhere else: travel schedules, stores, Wikipedia, sometimes even WRF.
  4. stephenlearner Senior Member

    Thank both of you. Egmont, your explanation is very informative and helpful.

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