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Hi everyone. Does any of you happen to know what "mocciosetta" means? I've found it on a thread on internet and I think it refers to some kind of woman or "madonna", but I couldn't find it in the dictionary. Thanks in advance!
  • sonnenstrahl

    mocciosetta is a little girl that behaves not like a girl of her age .. I mean she answers badly, she doesn't listen to what people say, she thinks she's the best and the other don't understand anything ...

    the word comes from mocciolo, that is a slang word to say nasal discharge
    children usually have this
    this means, you behave as a very important woman, you don't listen to the others (to parents, relatives, friends, other adult people) because you think you are cleverer as them ... but you are still a child with the nasal discharge!

    sorry, my english is horrible!


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    A "toddler" ( not "toodler", if you don't mind my correcting you ) is a small child that is just learning to walk. No negative undertones such as you find in "mocciosetta".

    I would say a "snotty brat".

    Sì scusa ho sbagliato a scrivere.;) Posso chiederti se quella che hai scritto è un'espressione: my correcting you? Grazie in anticipo.