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    I did mock interviews at university and we said "une simulation d'entretien".


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    Ah oui, je n'avais pas pensé au côté entretien d'embauche. Je voyais plus des interviews du genre de celles de Raphaël Mezrahi.
    that would be a fake interview (bidon) fake smile, fake boobs, fake gun
    mock s'utilise quand il s'agit de s'entrainer professionnellement : mock trial, mock interview, mock election


    I wouldn't think of mock as reserved for professional use (it is definitely used in scientific vocabulary), but I may be wrong. In any case, I would see the difference between mock and fake this way : fake is an attempt to deceive, whereas mock is acknowledged as a simulation (in a mock interview you know it's not a real one, and in science a mock treatment is like a placebo).
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