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good morning,

for years i have been trying to figure out the origin and where i can find more on this name that my great great grandmother registered with. the only names we know of her are mariom (which i think was written down the way they heared it which could have been maryaam because we have somehow persian or afghan in the family, my family spoke farsi) and a second name modaheb. we dont know if it is her last name or second name. i think second. because her first three children bore as a last name khodabux...which we think was the name of her first husband

to explain why its difficult to find out more, here some background info. she came from india. through kolkata to south america with three children in 1884. the records on her birth date are conflicting. one says 1846, another 1858. plus its not the official birth records. just what was later on in 1900s was written down. but im looking into if she came with four because there is doubt if her 4th great grandmother also came with her from india OR was born from her second husband. a birth certificate can determine that. waiting as we speak.

so when arriving in south america they registered her as mariom modaheb. but there is hardly anything found about her. my family knew she was actually mixed and not entirely or maybe even not all indian. through dna it seems that its actually only the men that are....and the women are actually from the middle east and levant but.....also from southern europe and eastern europe. which was a shock. but to find maybe records and understand more about her i have been looking more about this last name. now....i was told that it resembles mudahhib. which is linked to a gilder...."the ones who work with gold" and mtdna shows i have three living dna matches who are related to me only by my mothers female ancestors....and the live in qatar,kuwait and bahrain. which only puzzles me more. because my family spoke farsi instead of arab. one of them did tell me that from his mothers side further back a branch left to iran. im guessing that that branch somehow ended up in india? because thats where im lost. i cant find anyyyy record of a woman with these names in india. not only that....modaheb is a name i cant find in records. yet....looking on social media i DO find a first name of men in india.BUT.....mostly south india. so im lost
where does this name come from, how is it connected to western asia and the middle east and southern europe and where can i possible find more on this name??? anyone ever heard of it? is it persian....or maybe urdu? or arab?
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