modelo del costo sin deterioro


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Castellano (variedad chilensis)

I came across this expression in a syllabus, and have absolutely no idea what it means. I tried looking up its meaning in Spanish on the net, but in vain, so does anyone know how to render this into Enlgish? There is no context other than the paragraph the expression is in, which is essentially a description of one of the topics that will be covered in the course.

a. Análisis de transacciones y su efecto en los EEFF: formación del patrimonio, compras y ventas y/o servicios, reconocimiento de ingresos y gastos, cuentas por cobrar y cuentas por pagar, préstamos, y activo fijo físico parte I (modelo del costo sin deterioro).

a. Analysis of transactions and their effect on financial statements: formation of equity, purchases and sales and/or services, income and expense identification, accounts receivable and accounts payable, loans, and physical fixed assets part I (model of cost without depreciation :confused: :confused: :confused: ).

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