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Hello everybody

I have a Jewish friend. I asked him:
Where is the land of Canaan?
He said:
It's in modern/present day Israel.

Which one sounds better?
I think the first one sounds better but I'm not sure.

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    For me, "present-day" Israel sounds better. "Modern day" means Israel as it currently is (culture, politics etc.), whereas "present-day" means location (e.g. "in Bohemia, now present-day Czech Republic, there were...).


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    For me, modern Israel contrast with ancient Israel, the country that existed 2500 years ago. Present-day Israel, however, contrasts with some earlier Israel, but the time difference is not specified. It could be the Israel of 2017 contrasted with that of 1967 or 1948, when some things were different, or it could be contrasted with ancient Israel.


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    I think you could use either.

    I would tend to go for "present-day Israel" as meaning that's what the country is called now, (but at one time it wasn't, it was called something else). :)
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