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I'd like to hear from speakers from different countries what they actually understand today whan you read "modernity".

Is there a better word to replace (adding some hints or nuances) the idea of modernity ?

Can you provide us with any context where "modernity" or "postmodernity"
(for that matter) would keep a susbtancial sense ?

Thanks ...
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    Modernity and Post-Modernity

    Modernismo y post modernismo, son los nombres de las dos épocas más recientes de la historia. De hecho, estamos en el post modernismo.


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    modernidad le podriamos llamar a una epoca reciente.
    porque dentro de mil años, nuestra pòstmodernidad no va a ser mas que una antiguedad


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    Todas las épocas han tenido cosas maravillosas y también "Mugre". Afortunadamente, tenemos el libre albedrío que nos permite escoger de qué lado queremos estar. Tenemos todas las posibilidades dentro de nosotros mismos y no es cuestión de contar con recursos financieros o no.
    Es sólo el ánimo con el que nos enfrentemos a la vida.
    A proposito. Si quieres charlar al respecto, escríbeme por el correo privado del foro. Esta no es la via para eso.


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    Hola Gisèlia,

    I would define "modernity" as events you remember yourself or can get knowledge of from your parents, teachers, older friends - i.e., there are still witnesses of these events, witnesses whom you can ask.

    As for "postmodernity", for me this word is associated with literature only.:)


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    In architecture Modern is a period that started at the beginning of the 20th century having a climax in the 20's-30's. It's main representatives were Le Corbusier, Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wrigth...
    Post Modern started in the late 60's but were developed in full on the 70's, 80's.


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    I have seen definitions of "modernity" ranging from "more recent than the French revolution" to "referring to my generation", the latter from a professor of sociology.

    The Swedish national encyclopedia describes "modernitet" as "answering to contemporary demands".

    In Swedish, fitted with all "moderniteter" used to refer to apartments with running hot and cold water, and a WC, and a bathtub.

    "Postmodern" to me is for architecture and literature only. In other settings it's just a word for making you sound informed and "with it", but without any useful meaning.


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