Molto belli questi due

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UAE, English
Can someone please translate this for me?

Molto belli questi due, davvero carini. Mi ha fatto piacere vederti oggi, anche se solo per qualche secondo.

And can you please tell me how should I reply to that??

Thaaaaaaaaanks alot!!


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  • babyjewel

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    Italy, Italian
    The meaning of the sentence is: these two (things/objects) are very beautiful, they are very nice. It's been nice seeing you today, although we met only for a few seconds.


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    Ben venuto Mimina81,

    Io direi, "These two are very beautiful, truly sweet. It was nice to see you today, even for just a second."



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    Italy, Italian
    Perfavore, I can't see how you can translate Mi ha fatto piacere vederti oggi with It made me want to see you today.
    It doesn't sound right to me.
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