1. Herve62

    Herve62 Senior Member

    Good morning everybody
    Is there a same thinking in english to translate "Mon œil !!" ,you answer this when you don't believe somebody , usually we add the gesture on putting a finger just under the eye

    Hervé (62)
  2. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    Could be "my foot" !
  3. Rageneau

    Rageneau Senior Member

    Pays du Soleil Levant
    England/ ENGLISH English
    Plus vulgaire (donc mieux): My arse
  4. ChiMike Senior Member

    Chicago USA
    USA, English
    You can actually say "my eye" in this way in English (a bit antiquated) and in the same way you use "my foot", but it is usual to state the word of excuse which the other person has used first:

    "It was a mistake." "Mistake, my eye!"
    "It was an accident." "Accident, my eye! You did it on purpose!"
    "It crept in by error." "Error, my eye!"

    "my foot" can be used in all these expressions, and in the U.S. it is now much more common to say: "Like hell" ("It was a mistake." "Like hell it was!")
  5. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    Can't we also say "A mistake? You bet it was!" ?
  6. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    "My eye!" and "All my eye and Betty Martin" (originally a corruption of a Latin prayer: "O mihi beate Martine")

    Also "My Aunt Fanny"
  7. impala Member

    Derbyshire / Vallespir
    England, English
    Yeah, right.
  8. Herve62

    Herve62 Senior Member

    Thanks for all your suggestion
    In fact , you answer "Mon oeil !!" for instance , somebody says "I bought this golden ring for 10$ only !!" , so I answer "Mon oeil !!" , because it seems incredible !
  9. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    or "yeah, yeah"
  10. Herve62

    Herve62 Senior Member

    I also saw : My aunt Fanny !! I know this ewpression but sure for us , french the translation is " Et ta soeur !!" , but it's also a possible answer but more colloquial or slang
  11. ChiMike Senior Member

    Chicago USA
    USA, English
    "Yeah, right"
    but also:
    My eye you did!
    My ass you did!
    My foot you did!
    Like hell you did!
  12. tilt

    tilt Senior Member

    Nord-Isère, France
    French French
    In French we would also use "tu parles !" which may correspond to "you bet etc.".
  13. ChiMike Senior Member

    Chicago USA
    USA, English
    That's "Says you!"

    but it is pronounced like French: "seize", I kid you not!
  14. liulia Senior Member

    :thumbsdown: The original "mon oeil!" is not vulgar. How does adding vulgarity make it a better translation? :rolleyes:
  15. doodlebugger Senior Member

    In fact my ass would be translated by mon cul with exactly the same meaning.
  16. FRENCHETC. Banned

    French English
    All these suggestions are great. It often depends on the context. Sometimes, mon œil can also be translated as No way.
  17. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Or in Newyorkese: fuggeddaboudit
  18. Salvatos Senior Member

    Québec, Canada
    French - Québec
    That's incorrect. "Tu parles" is more like "You said it!" - "Says you" would be "C'est toi qui le dis" in French.
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  19. Itisi

    Itisi Senior Member

    Paris/Hastings UK
    English UK/French
    Not in France, at any rate! It means, 'Yeah, sure...' (See WR dictionary).
  20. Salvatos Senior Member

    Québec, Canada
    French - Québec
    Now that you mention it... I need more sleep.

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