Mon rendez-vous est-il bien ce vendredi ?

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Belgium - French
Hi everybody,

I have always troubles with the translation of the French adverb "bien" to mean: "effectively", "as I expect", "as it was to be expected"...

For example: "Mon rendez-vous est-il bien ce vendredi ?"
"Est-ce bien le document que vous souhaitez ?",
"Ce document établit bien les données que j'attendais";
"C'est bien ce que ce que pensais" etc.

A thread was already devoted to this question, and one of the suggestion was to use "(indeed) does". The example was: "Cela correspond bien", and was translated: "It does indeed correspond to".

So, would it be possible to say, for the above examples:
"Is my appointment indeed this Friday? Yes, it is";
"Is it indeed the document you want?";
"This document does indeed state the data I expected";
"It is indeed (?) what I thought"...

I'm really not sure.... :eek:

Thanks for any help!

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