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    I am translating inte Spanish an At-will employment Handaout, clause about illegal harassment and I need to tranlat ethe expression "monetary damages"

    The context is the following:
    In addition, an employee who engages in unlawful harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination and also may be held personally liable for monetary damages.
    My translation was
    Asimismo, el empleado que participe en el acoso ilegal recibirá sanciones disciplinarias que pueden llegar a incluir hasta la terminación de la relación laboral y además podrá ser declarado responsable personalmente por daños y perjuicios

    I know that "daños y perjuicios" no es correcto porque la definición incluye una sanción. Could anyone help me to translate the expression please?

    Monetary damages
    Monetary damages, in civil law, refers tocompensation given to an injured party by a liable party. Monetary damages may be restitution, a penalty, or both.
    Examples of monetary damages

    Monetary Damages:

    • Back pay: Back pay is a monetary award for lost wages resulting from termination, demotion, lost raise/bonus or lost benefits.
    • Front pay: Front pay damages are awarded in certain cases where an employee may be entitled to lost future earnings resulting from discrimination.
    • Emotional damages: These are damages awarded to an employee who suffers from mental anguish, pain and suffering resulting from discrimination in the workplace.
    • Punitive damages: These damages are awarded to an employee when the circumstances surrounding their claims of discrimination involve an egregious act, or a series of egregious acts, by an employer against an employee. In essence, these damages serve to punish the employer for their malicious and harmful acts against an employee.
    • Attorneys' fees: Title VII also awards the payment of attorney’s fees for an employee who prevails in their claims of discrimination. Such an award may reduce and even relieve an employee from the payment of attorney’s fees to their hired attorney.

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