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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by El Granadino, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. El Granadino New Member

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    Hola. Information for workers on unemployment insurance. The sentence says:
    'If you are applying for State or Federal assistance and need to receive a formal Monetary Determination, you can continue filing this claim.'

    I would say: '...y necesita recibir una Determinación Monetaria formal, usted puede continuar rellenando la solicitud'

    Any suggestion instead of this tacky 'Determinación Monetaria'?
  2. jcwoos Senior Member

    Determinación Monetaria may be as good as you get but I would recheck "rellenando", sounds like you are making food. I would say "llenando" or "completando".
  3. El Granadino New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Thanks for your help. By the way, you are right about the 'rellenando'. It seemed like I was doing sausage or something :)
  4. jcwoos Senior Member

    I just read the original statement again and we are still wrong. The original word is "filing", not "filling". For that word I think "sometiendo" is probably better.
  5. El Granadino New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    For 'monetary determination' what about 'resolución monetaria'...'decision final monetaria'?
    You are right again about the 'filing' , 'sometiendo' sounds real classy. Thanks again!
  6. jcwoos Senior Member

    I don't know exactly what the concept of "Monetary Determination" is so it is hard to translate it. Is it some kind of a needs test, perhaps looking at marital status and number of dependents to determine how much the unemployment compensation payment is going to be? In that case it could be "determinación (o 'calculo') de necesidad (o 'pago')"

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