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Hello guys,

I am wondering which one of these is more common and sounds more natural to you: money box/ piggy bank/ penny ank?

Thank you os much for your help :)
  • panjandrum

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    Originally a money-box in the shape of a pig, the term "piggy bank" has become a lot more general, to refer to any object intended to hold money and with a slot for inserting the money. It is a term used by children, or perhaps by adults to children. It is also used by adults in a frivolous mood, usually figuratively.

    In contrast, a "money box" may be simply a box that is intended to contain money, or any box used to contain money.

    The term "penny bank" is not familiar to me.


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    Just this morning I paid for my breakfast using only coins--nearly $5.00 in coins. I said to the cashier after handing her the coins, "There, you've got my piggy bank."

    A piggy bank would normally only hold coins.

    A "money box" or more usually a "cash box" would have both coins and paper money.

    A piggy bank is a child's bank and my quote was an effort to be amusing (a failed effort, I might add). You would not expect an adult to have a piggy bank; and you would not expect a child to have a money box or cash box.

    George French

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    I used a piggy bank for many a year until it got broken. It was a convenient place to store coins and the foreign stuff . The replacement tin is still my piggy bank.


    The notes are in my wallet... Along with the plastic....
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