Mongolian: -маар suffix + past tense

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Hello! I'm keeping a diary for homework for my Mongolian class and I'm writing about what I wanted to do.

I know that the suffix -маар4 (байна) is the present tense version, "I want to...", but I want to put it in the past, "I wanted to do". I'm saying that I wanted to go to town, and so far I have this in the present tense: "Хотын төв рүү явмаар байна/хотын төв очмоор байна". Would I simply remove the "байна" to get the past tense, or do I need the -сан4 suffix too?

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    In chapter 12 of Gaunt & Bayarmandakh’s Modern Mongolian, one of the examples reads:

    Тэр киио үзмээр байсан. = ‘She wanted to see a film.’

    using both -маар4 and -сан4.

    No idea about possible variations, though.
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