Mongolian: ene zahianii hariug ayataihan...

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by YuanShiKai, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. YuanShiKai New Member

    Anyone know what language this is?
    What does it say?

    ene zahianii hariug ayataihan bi oilgoj bn minii buruu bsan bi huleetstei handaagui.

  2. 南島君 Senior Member

    Taipei, Taiwan
    Not sure if it is Mongolian - strange transliteration.
  3. duraaraa New Member

    English - US / Mongolian - Khalkh
    Yes, it is definitely Mongolian. This is how we commonly send test messages or emails using the English alphabet...
    It means...
    I understand this mail's response is acceptable. It was my fault, I didn't treat it coolheadedly.

    Ene - This
    Zahia - Mail/Correspondance -nii -'s
    Hariu - Response -g (object marker)
    Ayataihan - Acceptable
    Bi - I
    Oilgoj baina - am understanding (shortened to bn, it's very common)
    Minii - my buruu - fault bsan - it was.
    Bi - I Huleetstei - cool-headedly handah - to treat (handaagui would be to not treat yet)

    I hope it makes sense somehow, despite the reply being to an old post.

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