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    I read an explanation that say the translation of "from" to Mongolian is made by the first country's name vowel plus letter с. Is that right or I missunderstood it? (the examples: ви монголоос ирсен; ви англиаас ирсен)
    But, if it's right, does three same vowels be together? (like ви чилииис ирсен).
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    Yes, that is mostly correct, except that words exclusively use the most commonly repeated or the ending vowel, and never и, ы, ү, у, е, ю, ё, or я. In the case of three vowels it is usual to place a consonant(almost always г) between the с and the rest of the word.

    So, it'd be:

    Би чилигээс ирсэн.

    It's not always uniform, and I sometimes see stuff like Бэлгиэс, meaning from Belgium. I suppose it has to do with the pronunciation of the country name, and when it's pronounced with a vowel at the end you add a consonant, and when it's usually pronounced without the vowel you just add one vowel to the end.
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    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    I understood. Thank you, Baatar.

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