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Reading Lev Manovich, "The language of new media"..
I wonder if in conversational English,it is used "monitor" or "screen

about the origins of the name "Monitor"
To monitor-monitor.controllare-sorvegliare

period:between the Two world Wars
pullback scope
something about a better way of reading,interpretating and applying the informations of radar technology

Obviously I'm here to improve my English..
Please help me to express my self in the best correct ,real , and no- archaic manner,(...on the other side i like very much,to create a Zohe English,something pierced by my brand..)
I konw my English is a vast bog of funny mispell(a Special Thanks to John Fante and His novel "Ask the dust",a lifetime influence on my vocabulary!)
so that..I need you!!!
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    Scusa ma non ho la minima idea di quale sia la tua domanda..
    Ah ah ah..
    Do you use screen or monitor in conversational English?(this is the question!)

    I was thinking about that reading "The language of new media",Lev Manovich...He suggests a theory in which the origins of the word "schermo"is related to the need the M.I.T. had to controll,to monitor,(!!!) the information of the radar technology..

    what about Zohe English?..ii doesn't matter...(!!!)


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    In questo contesto, direi "monitor" con il significato "controllare"

    Screen has two meanings that might apply:
    (1) separate the good radar information from the bad
    (2) project the radar information onto a viewer so that people can see it

    Your English is pretty good, with a few typing errors.
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