Monkey around vs. fiddle around


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After he graduated from the high school, he always "monkey around" or "fiddle around". He plays games, dates with some street girls and rides his motorcycle anywhere. He just don't want to go to college or work.

Are they both correct here? If so, which is better in this situation? Thank you.
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    Fiddle around is not appropriate at all. Monkey around could be used but your sentence isn’t idiomatic. After high school he just monkeyed around.


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    To "fiddle around" usually involves doing something with an object. "He has been fiddling around with that old Chevy for a week now and still hasn't got it running right."
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    "Fiddle around with" means to physically manipulate something, and usually to hold it in your hands. As an alternative to "monkey around", you could say "mess around".
    My mother and father both worked in town. Sometimes, after school, I would walk the three blocks downtown and just “mess around” until closing time. I would go into Dad’s office (he was the county clerk) and play with a typewriter. Then I would go into my mother’s beauty shop and see who was getting their hair fixed and listen to the gossip. (
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