Monsieur le Député


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En anglais británnique, quelle est la forme de politesse qu'on emploie quand on s'adresse (orallement) à un député ?

Pour, en français : "Excuse-moi, Monsieur le Député..."

On dirait aux USA:
"Excuse me, Mr Congressman..." où "Madam Congresswoman".

"Excuse me, Mr Deputy..."? "Excuse me, Sir?" Help!

Thank you!
  • Uncle Bob

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    British English
    I don't think there is one - just the polite "Excuse me, Sir/Madam" (though people usually address them with much less polite epithets..."Oy, you....":)).
    Referring to one in the 3rd person it would be John Smith, Member of Parliament (for South xxx) or John Smith MP.
    There were BBC TV series entitled "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister" but, of course, an MP would have climbed the ladder to deserve that form of address.
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