monter ton kayak

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Bonjour à tous,
I wondered, does "monter ton kayak" mean "to assemble your kayak" or "to ride your kayak"? Would this depend on the context?
Thank you in advance!
  • Kecha

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    What's you context?

    I've never seen a kayak needing assembly.
    To ride a kayak would be "faire du kayak". "Monter dans ton kayak" might mean boarding it.


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    Hi Kecha,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It's in a book. The man does later assemble the kayak, however not for a while later. The line is, "tu vas monter ton kayak". The surrounding speech isn't related.


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    To ride a kayak, don't you need to bring it upstream first? When you do this over here, they organise shuttles that bring you and the kayaks upstream. That's the only way I can make sense of this "monter" here.
    As you can see, it doesn't seem to be an expression. What's the nationality of the writer?


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    Yes, I think that is the case. The kayak needs to be taken upstream before being assembled and ridden. This is one reason this has left me a bit perplexed! So the "monter" would be more in the sense of going up in this case?
    The author is French.
    Thanks for all of your answers!

    guillaume de manzac m

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    full (physical) context needed !!! ???

    Possibly monter can mean assemble but unlikely!

    On holiday, you have to take your Kayak up stream (trailer or roof-rack) and paddle back to the base downstream because only professionals or olympists would paddle upstream for 25 km - there are companies to do this for you and take you upstream 20/30/50 kms so you have a nice easy paddle back to the downstream base

    You paddle a kayak and going downstream usually means a free ride with use of the paddles only for steering or balance on rapids.

    In that context you can use "take" the kayak upstream and "paddle" it back downstream.

    If you buy a kayak, it is usually assembled for you - generally it only involves putting in the seats because you don't have rowlocks as they have in real rowing boats.

    You do not ride a kayak - it's not a bike or a horse!! and the steering is usually done with the paddle which is to be used on either side - (right for steering left and left for steering right}.
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