Month-over-month gains


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¿Alguien sabe el término que se usa en español para esto? Soy nuevo en bienes raíces y no encuentro la palabra en español.
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  • Yeah, month-over-month and year-over-year are pretty common terms in business to represent the value of something compared to the previous time period.

    Ex: "Pending home sales declined slightly in October, slipping 1.1% from September. Only the South had month-over-month gains". I ended up translating it as "Sólo la región del Sur tuvo aumentos respecto al mes anterior."

    Just wondering if there is a standard equivalent used in the Spanish-speaking business world. There may not be, but these terms are commonplace in English business environments, so I thought I'd check with the forum.

    Thanks. The point is that context matters; in your example I'd say "ganancias mensuales consecutivas". And it sounds like a business-friendly expression ;)

    Sólo la región del Sur obtuvo ganancias mensuales consecutivas.