Months beforehand / Month beforehand


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"Months beforehand, Dominic had bought five tickets for the concert."

This sentence has been taken from the following link.

Before - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionaries Online

This link says that time expressions such as days, weeks, months, years can be placed before "beforehand". My question is can we use day, week, month, year instead? Is it necessary to add an "s" to after each time expression? What would happen if I write "Month beforehand" in the sentence which has been written at the top of this thread?
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    Yes, you can use day, week, month, etc, before "beforehand". Whether it's singular or plural - the additional "s" - obviously depends on the number of days, weeks, etc. Your OP sentence is an unspecified plural. It could be two months, three months, whatever.

    "Month" is obviously singular. You can't write "Month beforehand, Dominic, etc". It should be "A month beforehand" or even "One month beforehand".
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