1. Fenstermacher New Member

    Just an aside:

    I remember a day in the '90s when I was working in a southern Arizona office made up of two guys and many Hispanic women. Algunas de las señoras were teasing me with a seemingly incessant barrage of lighthearted sarcasm when another sided with me saying, ¡Montoneras!

    Has anyone heard of this usage of the word?

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  2. Xochiquetzal Senior Member

    Fenstermacher in México we use it a lot
  3. johnforg New Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Lo más común es que si lees u oyes la palabra "montonera" se refiera a personas amontonadas en desorden, un tumulto. O en el último caso mencionado, los niños sobre todo, lo usan como un tipo de orden (command) para caerle encima a alguien haciendo una pila de personas, como los jugadores de fútbol cuando celebran un gol de esa manera (montonera!). Ahora me toca preguntar a mí cómo dicen uds en inglés esas 2 expresiones. Por ejemplo, I don't like "la montonera", that's why I am the last one to leave the movie theather (to avoid to touch others when everybody try to cross the exit at the same time) y cómo dicen uds en inglés, "montonera!" (como si fuera un grito de guerra para caerle encima a alguien y hacer una pila de cuerpos)? ( if it's slang, better)
  4. robjh22 Senior Member

    U.S.A. & English
    I just heard this word "montonera" in a telenovela tonight, an angry guy using it to describe two women who had just beat him up (justifiably!) for being a drunk and abusive jerk.

    He said "montonera!" pointing at the two of them as he left. I think he meant it in a pejorative sense, like "you bunch of dumb, uncultured hicks!"
  5. maidinbedlam

    maidinbedlam Moderanged

    Vigo, Galicia
    Spanish - Spain
    I've seen "montonero/a" used like this (as an insult) somewhere else, and I would have thought your interpretation is right. But see what the DRAE says for "montonero":
    (De montón).
    1. m. Hombre encargado de apuntar en las eras lo que cada labrador recolectaba, para saber el diezmo que le correspondía pagar.
    2. m. Hombre que, no teniendo valor para sostener una lucha cuerpo a cuerpo, la provoca cuando está rodeado de sus partidarios.
    3. m. Arg. Individuo de la montonera.
    4. m. Bol. y Chile. Hombre que lucha en montón, es decir, en grupos desordenados.

    I think "montoneras" in your context may have to do with definition 2. They can only attack him because they are two, and he is alone.
  6. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    You think there should be a separate thread for each meaning?
    Rob's context is suggestive of "mob rule," "vigilante justice" or even "lynch mob." But in Britain they would probably say "yobbos" or something.
  7. UZIKATKILLKILL Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Castellano, Argentina
    What does yobbos means? thank you in advance
  8. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe:yob(bo) ['jɒb(əʊ)] n fam GB gamberro,-a
  9. robjh22 Senior Member

    U.S.A. & English
    Thanks, everyone.

    I did check the dictionary first.

    The victim in my telenovela surely did not view his attackers as 19th century peasant militiamen. I should have stated that the novela is set in modern times. I'm thinking he must have meant Bol. y Chile. Hombre que lucha en montón, es decir, en grupos desordenados as cited above by maidinbedlam.

    It's funny to me when I think of all the horrible things he could have called them!
  10. UZIKATKILLKILL Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Castellano, Argentina
    Montonera= femenino. Mujer del movimiento montonero

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Official seal of Montoneros.
    Dates of operation 1970–1979
    Leader Mario Firmenich
    Motives Establishment of a socialist state in Argentina.[1]
    Active region(s) Argentina
    Ideology Far-left Peronism, Marxism
    Major actions Individual terror, Improvised explosive devices
    Notable attacks Kidnap and execution of Pedro Eugenio Aramburu, sniper kill ofJosé Ignacio Rucci
    Status Decree 261 by Isabel Martínez de Perón considered it a subversivegroup, and ordered its annihilation. The group was utterly defeated by the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance and theNational Reorganization Process.

    Montoneros (Spanish: Movimiento Peronista Montonero-MPM) was an Argentine Peronist urban guerrilla group, active during the 1960s and 1970s. The name is an allusion to 19th century Argentinian history. After Juan Perón's return from 18 years of exile and the 1973 Ezeiza massacre, which marked the definitive split between left and right-wing Peronism, the Montoneros were expelled from the Justicialist party in May 1974 by Perón. The group was almost completely destroyed by 1977, during the Dirty War.
  11. UZIKATKILLKILL Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Castellano, Argentina
    nunca escuche gamberro?
  12. splurge Senior Member

    Español, Murcia
    Hola, yo he escuchado montonera como "la montaña simbólica de personas que se monta cuando una o máss personas se echan encima de otra en plan juego o celebración". Decimos "¡montonera!"

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