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(astronomy) δορυφορίσκος m, μικροδορυφόρος m


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A moonlet, minor moon, minor natural satellite, or minor satellite is a particularly small natural satellite orbiting a planet, dwarf planet, or other minor planet.

The 400-meter moonlet Earhart in Saturn's A Ring, just outside the Encke Gap

Another image of Earhart

Another moonlet named Bleriot

A moonlet named Santos-Dumont

A moonlet in Saturn's A ring
Up until 1995, moonlets were only hypothetical components of Saturn's F-ring structure, when the Earth passed through Saturn's ring plane. The Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory both captured objects orbiting close or near the F-ring. In 2004, Cassini caught an object 4–5 kilometers in diameter on the outer ring of the F-ring and then 5 hours later on the inner F-ring, showing that the object had orbited.[1]
Three different types of small moons have been called moonlets:
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