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    Hello! I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the Italian term "mordessaggio" might refer to. It is from an article dealing with ancient textile production... The entire phrase is:

    "Le attività di lavaggio, mordessaggio e tintura potevano essere eseguite sia sul filato (quindo dopo la filatura), sia sulla stoffa (quindi dopo la tessitura)."

    My attempt: The activities of washing, XXXXXXXXXXXXX and dying could be carried out either on the yarn (thus after spinning) or on the fabric (thus after weaving).

    I cannot find any reference to the term "mordessaggio" ANYwhere!
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    Are you sure that's the correct spelling?
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    Yes, this is how it's written in the article. I questioned the spelling as well. Any thoughts on similar words?
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    I think it could be "mordensaggio", that is the action of applying a mordant to the fibers to fix the dye:
    Mordant - Wikipedia
    Medieval Textiles - The History Vault "The typical dyeing procedure used for most plant- or insect-based dyes consists of two steps: mordanting and dyeing. During mordanting, the textile is treated with metal salts such as alum (which contains aluminium). The metal salts bind themselves to the fibres; during the next step, the dyeing step, the colouring substances from the plants in turn bind to the metal".
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    Welcome, jgray27!
    Mary49, you are an invaluable resource!
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    Wow, that must be it! Thank you very much for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

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