more a notch in her belt than a feather on her cap

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It's a line from "Marvel one shot Agent Carter", by Howard (male) commenting on something Carter (female) has achieved.

I've looked up the meaning of both phrase "notch in the belt" and "feather on the cap" and felt they're quite the same.

So my feeling is "notch in the belt" is more masculine while "feather on the cap" is more feminine, and the line actually means like "i'll treat her and what she's achieved the same as any man and any man's achieved"

Please tell me if i'm understanding right. Many thanks..
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    Actually, it's not exactly related to gender. Having a feather in your cap means that you've accomplished something significant, while a notch in the belt is simply adding another success to a long list of successes. In other words, Stark was saying that Carter's success on the mission is typical for her, not an extraordinary occurrence.
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