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I am confused about how to organise the elements in this sentence. Could anybody help me?
Organización y uso, cada vez más autónomo, de recursos para el aprendizaje...

My try: Organization and use, more and more autonomously, of resources to learn...

or More and more autonomous organization and use of resources to learn...

The context is education.

Thanks for your help in advance
  • JB

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    I suggest:
    Organization and use, increasingly autonomous, of learning resources.

    Pero le confieso que no entiendo muy bien que significa, ni en inglés ni en español.

    Tal vez es el uso de "autonomous".

    Además, no es una oración completa, sino un fragmento.


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    Thanks for the help.
    the whole text is: Organizacion y uso, cada vez más autónomo, de recursos para el aprendizaje como diccionarios, libros de consulta, bibliotecas o recursos digitales e informáticos.
    The meaning is that stutdens must be able to use different resources to learn and this skill will be achieved more and more autonomouly,(more and more independently without any other help) That is more or less the meaning but I don't know where to put "the more and more..."nor how to express it.

    Thanks for your interest and help
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