more bins would mean less litter on the floor


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Hi, I'm talking about the environment and my local area and I'm trying to say "more bins would mean less litter on the floor" as in the result of installing more bins would be that there was less litter on the floor. I have absolutely no idea how to say this though, so help would be very much appreciated. Grazie.
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    Don't think so, Phil. A "cassonetto" is a dumpster. ;)
    Yes, which is why the translations above which use the word cassonetti are incorrect (sorry people).;) A litter bin/trash can is a "cestino (per rifiuti)", not a cassonetto.;):)

    So Phil, the AE/BE thing goes as follows (I think:D):

    Italian: Cestino (per rifiuti)
    BE: (Litter/rubbish) bin
    AE: Trash(garbage can

    We generally say litter/rubbish and not garbage, by the way .:)
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