more expensive 'than mine vs than mine is': Possessive pronouns and comparatives


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Hello there,

A pronoun directly after as or than has the object form unless there is a verb after it.

I'm not as tall as him/as tall as he is.
The other teams played better than us/better than we did.

What about possessive pronouns? What would be the correct way to use them?

Yours is more expensive than mine or than mine is?

Thank you.
  • ainhoamda

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    They did to me too. However, as I've even found discrepancies in grammar books regarding the use of object pronouns in these types of sentences, I'm no longer sure if the final verb is needed or not.

    Thenk you for your reply.


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    You can use either "mine" or "mine is". When you use "mine", you imply the verb "is" without mentioning it. Your book is better than mine is = Your book is better than mine.
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