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I have had a few problems translating "more" and "no more" into French as it appears that sometimes "plus" means "more" and sometimes "no more".
For example, how would I translate the following 2 phrases:
"More wine for me" - is "Plus de vin pour moi" correct?
"No more wine for me" - is "Pas plus de vin pour moi" correct?

Could someone give me the correct translation for the above 2 phrases and if possible give the rules for when "plus" means "more" and when it means "no more".

Thanks very much,
  • Oddmania

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    Hi, and welcome to the forums!

    You're actually right, plus is indeed ambiguous when writing.

    Plus de vin pour moi can mean :

    • either More wine for me if the s in plus is pronounced ([plusse]),
    • or No more wine for me if the s in plus is silent ([plu])
    It's pretty common. J'en veux plus VS J'en veux plus (although the latter should be Je n'en veux plus to set the two apart. The n' is often dropped in speech, though.


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    I concur, this can be really tricky in a writing form, where context is the key ('j'en veux plus' without context means more and no more). Even in a speech you might be asked to repeat, in which case one have to put a strong emphasis either on the 'pluSSE' or the negation 'NE ... plU'.
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