More pout, less pose.

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A photographer is taking pictures of a customer who looks tense:
-- Come on, work with me, work with me. More pout, less pose. <...> Inside of you is a fashion model just waiting to throw up. Give me those eyes, big eyes, big eyes.<-----Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->
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How do you understand the boldfaced phrase? Thank you.
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    "Pout more, and don't pose so much." (I would imagine this means the customer is looking as though he or she is trying to pose, rather than looking more natural. Having seen the visuals, you would be in a better position to know.)

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    VicNicSor, if you're really trying to understand the difference between what a model looks like when giving "more pout, less pose" I would advise you not to bother. This whole dialog is just supposed to sound like what a fashion photographer speaks like. It's at least half nonsense.
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    Thank you for the replies.

    He (a robot) is not trying to pose, he rather was caught off guard by a photographer who suddenly started photographing him.

    What is especially confusing me is "pout" and "pose" here look like they are uncountable nouns. For them to act like verbs I'd expect it to be "pout more, pose less". So what parts of speech are they in the OP?
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