''More reserved'' Vs ''less reserved''

Hello everyone,

I'd like to know if "reserved" when used with "more" and "less" sounds idiomatic in the contexts below.

Context 1:

"John, try to be less reserved with your colleagues. I would really like you to be more communicative and also interact more.''

Context 2:

"Hey, we're married! Did you forget it? You have to be more reserved with those guys or they'll think you're flirting with them.''

More rerserved/less reserved definiton: talking less/more, interacting less/more.

Thank you in advance!
  • Of course the sentences work. I suppose that it would be better to focus on the trait that he should be trying to have more of, rather than that which he should have less of. So instead of the first sentence, you could say:

    "...try to be more outgoing/confident..."

    In the second sentence, considering this is a husband speaking to his wife, it seems a bit formal. "Reserved" sounds like it could be an understatement. FRankly, I find it hard to imagine a husband who's just witnessed his wife flirting with some guys being so rational and understanding.
    I think warren means something like Don't talk so much/spend so much time with those guys or they'll think you're flirting with them. That should be in keeping with the register of the rest of the line.