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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Diddy, May 19, 2008.

  1. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    Hi forum!!!

    Which one is the correct form, or both?

    2. a) more sincere, most sincere; b) sincerer, sincerest

    Thanks for your replies,
  2. mtmjr

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    From what I tell, they are both correct. However, I rarely hear "sincerer". The others, though, are all common.
  3. Robert_Hope Banned

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    Excellent question.

    To my ears, more/most sincere sounds correct.

    However, if I'm reading this online dictionary correctly, "sincerer" and "sincerest" exist.

    EDIT: sincerest is in common useage eg. "please accept our sincerest apologies"
  4. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    Thanks all!!!

    I placed this post as my son's English teacher corrected as totally wrong his answers in an English test. My son wrote the comparative form as: more sincere/most sincere; more common/most common.

    His teacher states that the only correct answer are: sincerer/sincerest; commoner/commonest. oooopppssss!!!! this is the first time I hear these wierd expressions.

    I am really astonished about that!!!

    Thanks again,
  5. SleepingLeopard Senior Member

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    I'm astonished as well! Even though the er/est forms are not incorrect, the more/most forms with these two words are much more common.

    I tried to make myself write "commoner" above, and I just couldn't do it - it sounded too strange. :)

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