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    I'm reading a letter right now and here is the extract from it:
    I built and maintained a financial model comparing my
    current earnings vs what I'd be earning if I were still at
    McKinsey vs what I would be earning if I were working at

    (Sadly McDonalds won in more months than I care to admit)
    I don't quite understand the phrase in bold. Could you please clarify it?
    Does it say that the guy if worked in McDonalds would have earned more and he didn't want/bother to admit that fact as much as he should have?
    Thanks in advance!
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    American English
    It means that the writer finds the actual number of months to be slightly embarrassing. An equivalent use is this:

    An actress speaking about her friends: "We have known each other for quite a number of years. More than an actress would care to admit."

    So the truth would be that while working at McKinsey, this person really did not make that much money.
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    Yes. He's saying that in many months he earned more money at the traditionally low-paying McDonald's than he does in his current job or than he did at McKinsey. He'd rather not admit that because it will just show how little he is earning now, or at McKinsey.

    As a picky aside for your author, it's McDonald's with an apostrophe. The original owners were named McDonald.
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    Thanks, Copyright!
    PS. New Spooks' picture on avatar? :)

    Thanks! Nice name :)
    So, this actress is slightly embarrassed by how many years they have known each other?
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    She isn't directly embarrassed by the number of years she's known her friends, but instead she would be worried about admitting exactly how long she has known them because this would reveal a bit of information about her age.

    P.S. thanks, I've had it for years!
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    Got it, thanks!

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