1. pcs New Member

    Greece, Greek
    Would you please let me know what "morenaza" means in Spanish?

    Thank you!
  2. Antpax

    Antpax Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    Hi pcs,

    It would depend on the context but I would say it is talking about a very pretty dark haired woman or maybe a very pretty sun tanned girl.

    But as I have said without context is very complicated to know.

  3. laydiC

    laydiC Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA spanglish
    A gorgeous brunette = Moneraza
  4. voquible New Member

    English US / Spanish Venezuela
    The ending -aza or -azo makes things great, beautiful, big or hard - Hemanazo is very common. Carrazo, amigazo, prorrazo, etc. Morena can be a dark haired or dark skinned woman => morenaza: great or beautiful dark haired or skinned woman. It does not have a bad connotation.
  5. Chris K Senior Member

    Tacoma WA, US
    English / US
    ¿Moneraza o morenaza??
  6. voquible New Member

    English US / Spanish Venezuela
    it's MORENAZA, monenaza is obviously a typo
  7. espandalucía Senior Member

    Huelva, Currently - EEUU
    Spain, Spanish
    It's just like what Ant said: either a very attractive dark haired or dark skinned woman, most likely even both.

    When you call a woman "una morenaza" it's like saying "one hell of a brunette." (obviously in a positive sense) In fact, I think that -az@ could generally be translated that way.

    Un moratón: a bruise
    --un moratonazo: one hell of a bruise

    Un partido: a match
    --un partidazo: one hell of a match

    Una morena: dark haired/skinned woman
    --una morenaza: one hell of a dark haired/skinned woman.

    Un cuerpo: a body
    --un cuerpazo: one hell of a body
    and so on..
  8. maxpapic Senior Member

    Tampa, FL
    español - República Dominicana
    Necesitamos fotos. :D
  9. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English
    A big beautiful dark-haired (or dark-skinned) woman
  10. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Por aquí le decimos ''morenas'' a las mulatas y negras. En el caso de ''morenaza'' sería una negra con tremendo cuerpo (If you know what I mean :D). También le decimos ''negronas'' a modo de broma.
  11. Juan Jacob Vilalta

    Juan Jacob Vilalta Banned

    Acá, mujer de piel oscura.
    Inútil intentar adivinar sin más contexto.

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