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Hi, folk!

I have to translate a title of an article and I don't know how to say "morisco" without writing down the whole meaning (a muslim converted to the christianity). Anyone knows how they are called in English?

The title is:

Spanish :arrow: Conversos, judíos y moriscos

English :arrow: Converts, jews and :confused:

Thank you very much! ;)
  • Filomeno's brother

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    Argentina / Spanish
    mo·ris·co -ca

    1. (moro) Moorish, Morisco
    2. Chile thin, lean
    m. & f.
    Moor, Morisco(Spanish dictionary of Yahoo!)

    Mo·ris·co (mə-rĭs'kō)

    n., pl. -cos or -coes.

    A Moor, especially a Spanish Moor.

    [Spanish, from Moro, Moor, from Latin Maurus. See Moor.]

    Morisco Mo·ris'co adj.



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    Morisco = relative to the Moors
    But as a clasification of the people of southern Spain, it acquires a new meaning; cryptomuslim

    A Muslim who appeared to have converted to christianity but practiced his religion in secret.
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