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This word, murmurando, has caused me problems... I'm in a choire, and the soprano part is supposed to sing "murmurando". Is it the same as "mumbling"?
I suppose the word is italian, aren't the instructions always in italian?
(F ex "Moderato e cantabile")

Please help me!
  • In italian the word for mumblin is mormorando...I think Murmurando is the spanish word for mumbling.
    Good luck!
    murmurar verbo intransitivo
    1 (hablar mal, cotillear) to gossip
    2 (hablar bajo) to whisper
    (hablar entre dientes) to grumble
    3 fig (el agua, el viento, los árboles) to murmur

    this is what i found...
    licka till
    I really enjoyed your country and people there, and it was a pleasure to help U.
    HEI DÅ;-)