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Hi to everyone!!,

This is my first topic, so let me first to say that all of you are cool!, after comming back to Spain from USA 4 years ago I was unable to find a job. For more than one year I worked as translator and the forums were extremely useful. So... Thanks!!

And here is my question: morning glory.

I know it could be translated as "campanilla", an small and sweet flower, but... is it used as well to describe a "morning erection"?, does anyone of you heard about it?

Thanks in advance,
  • magick777

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    The phrase for that (the erection) is normally "morning wood", but I'm sure that, in context, we could interpret "morning glory" the same way.

    In what context does it appear that suggests that interpretation?


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    Hi magick777,

    No, it doesn't come from one particular sentence. It comes from a discussion that I kept last week with my sister in law. She insisted my brother had a great "morning glory", and , honestly, I couldn't imagine my brother planting flowers 08:00 a.m.

    It was the first time in my life I heard that expression.

    Thanks a lot!!


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    Hi jinti,

    Well, she is from Australia and, you know, our friend Australians are very open minded.



    You're right.

    I first heard that expression in the mid 90s when I was living in the UK. It was a sort of joke every day when we woke up!

    It does come handy since today I saw advertised a film starring Harrison Ford which is titled "Morning Glory" (I still do not know what translation must have been produced of such a title!!)