Moroccan Arabic: بلاش بلاش


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Please translate these sentences into English and Standard Arabic :
وبلاش بلاش درَتِّي لي صداع الراس
بات عليا عساس شُهَّدُوا يا نَاسَ
وبلاش بلاش طَاحَ الفاس عَالراس
دَرَّتَي لِيَا الوَسْوَاسَ شْهَدُوا يا نَاسَ
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    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    I won't give you a literal translation because it wouldn't make sense but this is what it is meant (in English). In bold, the meaning of بلاش (using it twice is just a way to emphasise):

    It's no use, you've just given me a headache/you've been annoying
    You've been sticking to me, come people witness this
    It's no use, the die is cast (I'm not sure of the intended meaning here).
    I've been tormented because of you, come people witness this.

    (other Moroccans' input is more than welcome because I'm not sure how to correctly translate some expressions :D )

    Ps: There is a mistake, it shouldn't be شهّدوا but اشهدوا or شْهَدوا. Who wrote these lyrics? :mad:
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    Thank you for your help.
    I found this text on a website.
    This text is a Moroccan Music called (بلاش بلاش).
    Do you think the word (بلاش) may mean (Leave me ! )?


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    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    بلاش doesn't mean "leave me" which would be خلّيني. It means "it is useless" or "leave it" or "whatever" according to the context.
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