Moroccan (or Yerushalmi) Te’amim?


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Hey. I never learned trope and I’m starting to study it now, but I favor the Moroccan style of chanting with Yerushalmi as a close second over the Ashkenazi style which dominates.

The trouble is I’m having problems finding resources to study it. I think the only non-Ashkenazi zarqa table I’ve found so far on YouTube was Temani. There’s one other one I’ve found but the guy didn’t say what tradition it was but I don’t think it was Moroccan.

Could anyone point me in the direction of the Moroccan ta’amei hamikra? I’m looking for a Zarqa table and those dot diagrams (I’m not sure what they’re called) for the melodies.

If you can’t find Moroccan but can find those for the Yerushalmi style, that also would be incredibly appreciated. I find them both deeply moving.
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    I think there are plenty of videos on YouTube. You have to search in Hebrew though.

    For example, this one is Yerushalmi: [video link removed by moderator (Rule 4)]

    I'm sure you can find Moroccan on there as well.
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    Thank you all. I’ve found a video, but it’s those dots I’m specifically looking for. I might be able to mimic a melody, but having these diagrams would be very helpful.


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