morphologie spécifique de l’oreille

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  1. livvie Senior Member

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    morphologie spécifique de l’oreille

    Would this be translated as '
    specific morphology of the ear,'
  2. newg

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    I think so :)
  3. livvie Senior Member

    Gibraltar, English
    The whole sentence is :

    Sans poignée et discrète, elle est préconisée dans des cas particuliers : morphologie spécifique de l’oreille, contraintes téléphoniques importantes, besoin de discrétion.

    I have translated it as follows :

    Discreet and without handles, it is recommended in particular cases: specific morphology of the ear, significant telephone constraints, discretion…

    I understood morphology to mean' study of the form' which is why I still pondering over it.
  4. PhB95 Senior Member

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    In french, it can be "study of the form", but it is also and most often used as "very detailed description of the form", which is your case. I can't say if this is true also in english, but you should know :)

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